Resources for Families

Parent Resources

Parent Engagement

Parents of P373K are an integral part of our learning community. Parents play an important role in our transition planning team and help students meet their goals. There are many ways parents can support their students and our school and we are always looking to expand opportunities for families to participate in the school community. If you are interested in getting involved please contact our parent coordinator.

Parent Coordinator

Our parent coordinator Leslie Quinonez, supports students and parents throughout their high school experience. She works with school administration, teachers and staff as well as outside agencies to support students in and out of the school. If you have questions about our school or would like to get involved you can reach Leslie at

Transition Planning

Transition planning begins as soon as students enter our school. Transition teachers and school-based staff collaborate with families to develop and implement an individualized transition plan for each student. This early collaboration with families ensures that the student's current needs are met as well as plan for a proper post-secondary placement. Regular communication with family helps ensure all goals are met and students are on track to meet post-secondary goals.

OPWDD Front Door Training

Front Door is the initial referral process to OPWDD (The Office for People with Developmental Disabilities). Front Door and OPWDD connect people with disabilities and their families to the services they want and need, all funded via Medicaid. Some of these services include respite care, community habilitation, housing support, and person-centered adult planning for when students age out of the DOE.

Front Door is based on the understanding that a person with developmental disabilities has the right to:

  • Enjoy meaningful relationships,
  • Experience personal growth,
  • Participate in your community and,
  • Live in the home of your choice.

Once you attend an initial Front Door session, P373K staff will guide you through the steps involved obtaining services with OPWDD, help identify your needs, goals and preferences and help you work on a plan for getting those services. Get Started