Enrichment Programs

School Musical

The Drama Lab at Brooklyn Transition Center provides our students with onstage experience in Acting, Directing, Musical Theater, and Technical Stage Crew. Each year our students participate in our annual Musical highlighting their theatrical, musical and technical talents.


The Modern Band Program at P373K teaches students of all levels and learning styles how to perform, improvise, and compose on multiple instruments across various genres.

Unique Dancers

The P373K Dance program that provides our students with an opportunity to showcase their talent and to build self-esteem through dance and performance. 

BTC Step Squad

BTC Step Squad showcases our team's individual style and unity. This form of dance features synchronized movements, beats, & sounds created using one's body through clapping, stomping, & spoken word.

Students Government Organization

SGO provides our students with opportunities to practice their civic responsibilities and let their voices be heard. Each year SGO conducts student election and organizes a campaign for 18 year old student to register to vote.

D75 Debate Program

The Debate Team at 373K provides our students with an excellent opportunity to improve on their teamwork, self-esteem, and confidence, while also increasing their higher-order critical thinking skills!

Rowing (Row New York’s School Day Adaptive program)

P373K's Rowing Club  provides young women the opportunity to participate in an adapted rowing program that meets the specific and individual ability needs of our learners

P373K Basketball Team

The BTC Boys Basketball Team of students looking to excel at athletics while building the foundation of their adulthood. Accountability, dedication, learning and character are the pillars of our team.

Transition Trekkers

Our students meet weekly to learn a variety of skills which include: team building, leadership, recycling, outdoor cooking, and outdoor survival skills. Our culminating end of the year activity is a chance for students to practice their outdoor appreciation skills on our annual overnight camping trip.

Team Achilles

Achilles Kids with disabilities get the opportunity to exercise regularly and compete with other runners, helping them become stronger and healthier. Equally important, they give children a way to measure achievement at any level of participation, gain confidence through their successes, and have fun.


A partnership with CHILL Foundation and Burton Snowboards, CHILL promotes leadership and independence in young adults through snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing.

Big Apple Swim Program

Big Apple Swim is an adapted swim program for all students available through the NYC Department of Education. 

Gallop NYC Partnership

A combination hippotherapy and vocational program in collaboration with  Gallop NYC at Sunrise Stables. This programs offers students the ability to work with horses in both a therapeutic and vocational capacity.

Mouse Squad

373K MouseSquad is an In-house Learning Lab where students learn how to apply technology inside and outside of the classroom by providing IT support to our staff and students.

Art Show

373k student’s artwork is showcased in our annual “Celebration of the Arts,” which is an end of year event that highlights our student’s visual art, film accomplishments, culinary arts, and musical talents.


The P373K Chorus is collaborative program for students and staff to perform choral numbers and bring joy and happiness to both performers and audiences.

GOTHAM Photography Club

Students learn to frame, take, and analyze their own photographs and the images of others.